[CRISIS] UNSC Press Release

GOMUN 2021

The United Nations Security Council,

Recalling its primary responsibility under the Charter of the United Nations for the maintenance of international peace and security, highlighting the significance of small arms and bombs as the used weapons in the latest bombing of a refugee camp in the Philippines and stressing that the excessive accumulation and destabilizing effect of illegally resourced weapons have a potential to endanger civilians,

This Council expresses its deep concern at the reported situation in the Philippines. We inform the international community that we are working in mutual cooperation to find and punish those responsible for the terrible attack on the refugee camp. We strongly condemn any and all aggressions against universal rights, which are the basis of this Organization, as the financing of terrorists and extremists groups. The Philippines delegation pledged to cooperate and promote an in-depth investigation to punish those responsible for the attack. This Council also pledged to keep enforcing strict armament control, as to mitigate the spread of such events in the neighbouring regions.

The Security Council is addressing the subject to the Head of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Mrs. Ghada Waly, to found a Working Group on Armament and Ammunition Related Trafficking in the Southeast Asia Region, in order to begin the investigations of the relation of criminal groups based in the Philippines with the Islamic State.

Regarding the humanitarian needs, we urge international aid to minimize the human impacts of the terrorist attacks, providing food, medical aid and equipment, as well as properly allocation of those who lost their homes. We submit a copy of the case to the International Criminal Court for knowledge and prior notice. 



Post organizado por delegações do Comitê de Imprensa Internacional na 3ª Edição do Goiás Model United Nations