[CRISIS] UNSC – Countries’ Press Releases

GOMUN 2021

Press Release – Delegation of the Philippines

The Republic of the Philippines deeply condemns all the actions made by the terrorist groups that have been active in its territory and will investigate the sources of the arms and the ammunition used in the attack of the refugee campus. Also, the Philipino Government, with the help of international financial cooperation, will give its support to the displaced people affected by the attack and replace them to a safer location.

Press Release – Delegation of United States of America

The United States is totally opposed to recent bombings in refugee camps in The Philippines. My delegation recognizes that the COVID-19 pandemic was a factor that helped to increase extremism in Mindanao, contributing to the increase in vulnerable areas and to the increased marginalization of the population. The United States is committed to providing resources and assistance to those directly affected by the attack.

Press Release – Delegation of the Russian Federation

We state that any kind of weapons used by the Philippines National Force was a result of illegal trade, and the use of it is exclusively by the country’s. Nevertheless, we believe that a fair and legal belic trade provides the country in question to have an answer to their own situations, and respect sovereignty. We accuse and will promote cooperation to investigate the illegal weapons trade to end the terrorist groups.

Press Release – Delegation of People’s Republic of China

The People’s Republic of China has taken very deep concern on the situation in the Philippines, since it s rooted in a humantiarian problem targeted into already vulnerable people such as refugees, cause by terrorism and it was found that some of the material used connects a link to illegal weapons.

It is very strongly informed by our delegation that we condemn any use of terrorist violence since China has always been against terrorism and declares it one of the three evils which also include separatism and extremism. Our country assures that a national investigation will be conducted into finding the source of the illegal weapons and the actors properly punished.



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