[UNSC] Press Release

GOMUN 2021

Press Release – United Nations Security Council

Referent to the closing of the session

The United Nations Security Council,

Respecting the multilateral foundations that make up the United Nations as a whole, strongly condemns any spread of false or distorted information that for whatever reason wishes to jeopardize the maintenance of peace between nations.

Since the press has the privilege of being in opening sessions of the Security Council, they should be more respectful with the diplomats and countries here represented. The Council also stresses that this is, in no way, an attempt to silence the press, but once we understand that sensitive information is being shared with no prudence, we shall protect this organization’s interests. We recognize the right of free expression of the media, but we also understand that the members of the Security Council, Ambassadors, of the highest consideration, have their individual rights not to be harassed or to have their dignities attacked. We also understand that the public, inhabitants of the parts of the United Nations, have the right not to be deceived by misinformation. 

The Security Council will use its full capabilities, conferred by the United Nations charter, to define for itself how the sessions should be conducted, to close the Sessions for as long as it deems necessary.

Decides to remain seized of the matter.



Post organizado por delegações do Comitê de Imprensa Internacional na 3ª Edição do Goiás Model United Nations